Hello folks, So here I am with my New blog😊😊—All you need to know about Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome , widely known as PCOS,world’s second Serious endocrine disorder and most common reason for Infertility in Women of reproductive age

Polycystic Ovarian Disease or PCOD is a hormonal disorder causing enlarged ovaries with small cysts on the outer edges of the Ovaries. PCOS occurs when more than one condition prevail in PCOD like:

  • Irregular periods
  • Signs of high levels of androgens
    • – Hirsutism (unusual growth of Facial Hair and other regions)
    • – Acne
    • – Thinning of scalp hair
  • Higher blood levels of androgens
  • Polycystic ovaries
  • Difficult to loose or Gain weight
  • Frequent Mood swings , Depression and frustration

PCOS has become most common disorder that every 1 out of 10 women has this syndrome with more than 70% cases go undiagnosed .PCOS can lead to life long complications and other serious conditions including Severe anxiety,obesity,Endometrial cancer,type 2 diabetes,Liver disease and Cardiovascular disease

Causes of PCOD/PCOS

Although PCOD is quite popular among women across world, research shows no exact factors that contribute for this disorder .It largely depends on Our Physical Lifestyle behavior

Some of renowed causes are as below:

  1. Genetics:
  2. Obesity
  3. Stressful Life
  4. Insulin Resistance
  5. Hormonal Imbalance

As PCOS related to Hormonal disruption which thereby effects complete our body ecosystem. There are no quick fixs to completely cure this disorder .

Unlike any other disease , PCOD can be reversed only by alerting modifications in the way we lead our life .We play major Part in getting rid of PCOD rather than any medication

Here are few Lifestyle changes we can adopt to treat PCOD naturally with minimal to no adverse effects on us.

    Just because you are going through a disease does not mean that you have to be on the bed the whole time cribbing about how unwell you are. Rather, get up and keep your body working by exercising on a regular basis, this has nothing to do with joining a gym and buying expensive equipment, all you need to do is develop a walking habit of 30 minutes a day, few days a week. You can walk around in the park with your friends or go shopping sometimes & rather make it fun walk instead of a boring one. You can also go for lifting some weights as it helps in improving metabolism and insulin.
    Remember that your eight hours sleep is more than important for you as not having a proper amount may result in imbalance in the hormone which deals with the hunger further leading into unwanted consumption of unhealthy food items available in hand. Getting a proper amount of sleep can help you feel better and refreshed as well as it can help in reducing weight if you are facing the issue of obesity.
  3. Get Creative on everyday basis
    As PCOS has to deal with anxiety, stress, depression and frustration,its equally important for people who battle with PCOD to maintain mental health as much as physical .Being creative in your personal or professional life and lift up your mood greatly and influence your hormones to generate serotonin which provokes happiness and well being .Just like any other skill, creativity can be boosted by regular practicing of any new arts like creative writing , drawing , painting , learning new language or just doing different from mundane tasks .
    Keep a thorough track of your menstrual cycle because irregularity in periods or missing periods can be a matter of concern for the people suffering from PCOD. It can lead to endometrial cancer or other major complication and if you keep track of your periods, it will be easier to report such problems to the doctor and it will help the doctor to deal with it more efficiently.
    Many women suffering from PCOD have to face the issue of obesity but it is important to not neglect it because it can lead to further severe problems. So, it is better to maintain your proper weight and avoid complications. You can do this by regularly exercising, by eating healthy food and maintain a balanced diet instead of unhealthy food intake as it will just make situations difficult for you.
  6. Eat Whole and Unprocessed Food

As the Saying goes , we are what we eat and our eating habits can largely effect in getting PCOD under our control

Make a healthy habit of eating whole grains, pules ,cereals ,nuts,fruits ,veggies and seeds which are rich in multi vitamins, fiber and protein . Avoid stimulants like Tea and coffee on regular basis along with processed food available from markets

It could be strange but not just food but how we eat them also has positive impact in controlling our hormones and thereby PCOD. Thus its extremely important to abstain yourself from plastics boxes,covers and containers .Instead replace them with Steel,copper,glass vessels in your daily routine.

As mentioned above ,don’t be panic about PCOD as remember you are not alone in this stigma .There are over more than 50% women are fighting against this syndrome

You dont have to worry as this is not life threatening disease at all and with your actions and maintaining proper care of yourself,you can easily revert to Normal life and make a healthy living

All you have to do is get abundant knowledge on this PCOD through internet , consult doctor when it is required, lead a healthy lifestyle , maintain proper diet plan , avoid stress and relax when you can!!

Do more of the things you Love and less that you hate:)

Remember the more you are Happy the less effect any disease will have.Have fun all the way along..!!

Hope this is helpful for you. Please leave comment if you do like my blog , it just pushes us to deliver more content and help someone in need.

Thank you my Lovelies and will see you soon on Next Thursday..!!

With Lots of Love,

Devika Bhupathiraju!!

Published by Devika Vamsi Bhupathi

Passionate about Writing so jumped into blogging with after much brainstorming. Windows server administrator by professional and follow my passion of doing everything with love because deep in my heart i believe there is nothing like Love in this entire world and being in Love with yourself is the best gift one can ever give to oneself. Keep Loving ..!!

4 thoughts on “PCOS/PCOD

  1. I really feel it is very helpful to many of the girls, many of us often face such situations where we don’t know with whom we can share it and what we can do…i really appreciate you for taking time to write this blog and you just explained in a very good way and hope many of us need to follow them and we need to take care of ourselves more than anything as YOU are important to YOU more than anyone else.Thank you My dear and i really felt good while reading it. All the very best for you and i want you to come up with more such good and helpful blogs.

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  2. Good job devika nice to see this it will help so many people it is very clear and easy to understand. All the very best buddy keep writing 🙌


    1. Thank you so much Akhila for those Kind words🤩..It really boosted myself and helps to put greater efforts🥰 .I owe you for your appreciation and pushing me forward to write more of these blogs.Lots of love to you dear sista💖


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